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Additional Resources

There are embedded links throughout all of the tabs. These links range from showing how to write land acknowledgements to accessibility references (links to outside websites helping you color code designs to be more inclusive, guides to expanding your cultural competency and sites informing you what accessibility may look like in different types of venues). This  page is a compilation of all embedded links, as well as extra videos and other resources.

For some useful tools regarding racial equity, click here.


For Angie Aguirre’s guide on “Making Your Webinar Accessible” from University of Massachusetts, click here. 


For some ideas for accessible events in a non-checklist format, click here. 


For an article about the importance of accessibility, with a tool that will help make websites more accessible, click here. 


For a website all about event planning with lots of resources, click here. 


For University of Michigan’s DEI Toolkit, click here. 


For an accessibility and inclusion event checklist for virtual events, click here. 


For a blog post on how to make virtual meetings accessible, click here. 


For an accessibility guide created by the Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan, click here. 


For a facilitation guide for participatory sessions in a virtual environment created by the Center for Academic Innovation at the University of Michigan, click here. 


For a great example of an accessible website, click here. 


For Cornell’s accessible meetings checklist, click here. 


For a guide to planning accessible meetings from ADA Hospitality, click here. 


For a checklist from Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services that includes a good physical assessment list of considerations, click here. 

For accessibility strategies for Deaf/Hard of Hearing people in remote meetings from Catharine McNally, click here.


For an article on Anti-racist organization development, click here.


For an article on Model Transgender Policy, click here. 


For Tema Okun’s article on White Supremacy Culture, click here. 


For an article on avoiding ableist language, click here.


For Michigan Community Resources, click here.


For Showing Up for Racial Justice’s website page on disability justice, click here. 


For information on how to lock, secure and protect your meeting on Zoom, click here. 


For more information on how to lock, secure and protect your meeting on Zoom, click here. 


For budget planning and process information from University of Michigan, click here. 


For contact information for ADA coordinators, click here.


For a 2021 Diversity and Inclusion/Interfaith Calendar, click here. 


For ADA standards, click here.


For a guide to indigenous land acknowledgement, click here. 


For a map that shows you which Native land you are on, click here. (There is an app on iOS and Android called “Native Land App”)


For an interactive map showing indigenous lands, click here. 


For CDC guidance regarding COVID-19, click here. 


For the online tool/game Kahoot, click here. 


For the poll maker Mentimeter, click here.  


For the poll maker Poll Everywhere, click here. 


For an accessibility consulting firm that helps you strategize, evaluate, and coordinate accessibility, click here.


For an explanation of the phrase and the movement “Nothing About Us Without Us," click here.


For a copy of sample facilitator notes as used in the Aspen Institute, click here.​

For facilitation plan templates from Engage, click here.


For recommendations for reasonable accommodations and budgeting for inclusion (found through MIUSA: mobility international USA), click here​​


For tips on "How to Create Your Event Budget," click here.


For the University of Michigan's Strategic Planning Toolkit, click here.


For a website that designs color palettes, click here.


For a tool that can filter your webpage to show what it looks like for people with various forms of color blindness, click here.

​​For a color contrast tool to help you consider contrast in design and marketing, click here. 

For live zoom training webinars, click here. (Note: These are only available for people associated with the University of Michigan.)

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