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Please follow all CDC guidelines when planning your event. Please note that this project and site was created during the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please view our virtual event tab covering technology, material checklists, and safety regarding creating that format of event.

Pick Your Venue & Date 

Questions for Choosing the Day of Your Event

It is important to be intentional about the day, time, &  place you chose to hold an event.

  • Ensure events do not fall on a day of cultural or religious significance. 

    • Review an Interfaith Calendar here.

  • If events are scheduled for a day of cultural or religious significance, make sure you know what is typically done on that day

    • Are people fasting?

    • Do people need to be home by sundown? 

    • Do people typically work on that day or take time off?

    • For example, if it’s Ramadan, either do not have food or provide a separate room/activity for people who aren’t eating. If possible, consider sending home food with people who are fasting.

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