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Event Planning Toolkit

When looking at planning an event, in-person or virtually,

there are many aspects of the process that overlap. For example with cultural and economic considerations, these considerations will be present in every step of the planning process.

Please note, while we have structured the steps in the order in which you'd plan an event, you do not have to follow them and can navigate through in the order that works best for you!


Define Your Goals & Objectives:

Decide who your event is for and what they will get out of it


Build Your Team:

Creating a diverse team, engaging community stakeholders, and volunteer help


Plan Your Event:

In person and virtual considerations, language, food, and more.


Post Event Follow Up & Evaluation:

 Survey Ideas and Thank yous


Establish Your Budget:

Finding funding, counting costs, and budget creation resources


Pick Your Venue & Date: 

Accessibility needs, cultural considerations, transportation needs, and other


Marketing & Promotional Plan:

Advertisement guidance, suggestions for community support, and more


Additional Resources

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