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Post Event Follow Up

After you have had your event, it is important to get feedback from participants and presenters on what went well during the event and what can be improved for your next event. For this step consider how to evaluate the event and follow up with guests.

Event Follow-up:

  • Provide recordings and transcript, slides, handouts, and any other materials that people may want to reference electronically after the event

  • If doing an electronic evaluation send out 1-2 reminders with the link to the evaluation and an explanation on how to complete it for individuals who may be less adept with technology.

  • Send thank you’s to moderators/facilitators and attendees


  • Consider taking the tail end of the event letting attendees complete the evaluation while in the space, with materials fresh in their mind and more likely to complete surveys.

  • Create and send survey during event wrap-up about effectiveness, accessibility, and what could have gone better

  • For example, linking Google Forms containing pre-planned survey questions

  • Anonymous feedback (more likely to receive honest and genuine feedback)

  • Have trained volunteers available during the event where people can receive assistance and give feedback, and follow up with those volunteers afterward to ensure that feedback is received.

  • Have process observers assess how issues of racism and privilege are manifested in the group process.

  • Stress the importance of incorporating feedback into future events and the value of attendees opinions

  • If applicable: provide an example of included and incorporated feedback from past events

Specific Evaluation Questions

  • Keep evaluation under 20 questions and leave out non-essential questions 

  • “All my accessibility needs were met for the duration of the event” Have them answer yes/ no/ not applicable and provide space for them to explain their answer. 

  • “The moderators/speakers/presenters were diverse, representative, and inclusive” Have them rate from strongly disagree to strongly agree on a five-point scale

  • “How could we have made this event more welcoming and inclusive?” Provide space for them to explain their answer.

  • “What can we do to ensure that you feel fully able to participate and that you are being fully seen in this space?” Provide space for them to explain their answer.

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