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Color & Font


  • Simple and contrasted colors

    • Be intentional about visual aids

  • Use soft colors

  • Pay attention to patterns

  • Do not overfill image or flier (may be overwhelming if there are strong accents or overcrowded patterns)

  • Are colors considerate to colorblind people?

    • Create a palette here 

    • Use a page filter to see how certain colors look different to colorblind individuals here

    • Check your color contrast here

Lettering / Font Size
  • Have readable font sizes

    • Ranging from: 12 font, 20 font, 40 font

  • Write in plain English

  • Use simple and consistent layouts with bulleted lists

  • Use subtitles or transcripts for audio/visual content

  • Use effective images and diagrams with the text

  • Use any Sans Serif font:

    • Arial

    • Calibri

    • Times New Roman

  • Do not use cursive

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