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Establish Your Budget

Events can be costly to plan and host. It is important to establish your budget at the beginning of the process. When creating your budget consider allocating money to making the event welcoming to all. 

First, it is important to determine where the monetary support for your event is coming from. 

This can look like

  • Individual donations 

  • Company donations 

  • Government grants

  • Foundations

Establish what will cost you money.
This can include:

  • Paying presenters 

  • Advertising your event

  • Visual & audio materials

  • Renting event space

  • Signage

Build in the cost of making your event equitable and inclusive for all.


Check out the resources below:

Additionally if possible, make the event free. Although we would love for all events to be free we understand this is not always possible. If there is a cost to the event, consider offering scholarships, fee waivers, or base it on a sliding scale. It is important to build this into your budget from the beginning.

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