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Promotional Plan

How will you advertise your event? Consider the many different kinds of media, outlets, and locations to put advertisements that can allow you to maximize spreading the word about your event to community members. How are you being supportive and including all communities, spaces, and cultures?

  • Are promotional materials translated? Consider the demographics of your community and how to connect and communicate across a diverse group of people

  • Consider partnering with social welfare organizations, small businesses, B-Corps, local community change organizations and healthcare companies

  • ​Collaborate with diverse community organizations to get community input​

  • Have you provided proper communication about information about the event?

    • Transportation​, childcare considerations, location, time of day etc.

  • Have you provided a contact for people to get in touch with any questions or needs before, during, and after the event?

A list of places to consider when advertising and promoting your event:

Community boards

Local Libraries and Local Businesses



Physical and Virtual Flyers

Phone Banking / Door-to-door

Bus advertisements

Newspaper articles and news segments

Website advertisements

Distribute through email and newsletters

Virtual advertisements on social media*

Calling folks is a great way to inform people and create a personal connection

*Social media is not accessible to all community members and older demographics

  • Simple and contrasting colors

    • Be intentional about visual aids

  • Use soft colors

  • Pay attention to patterns

  • Do not overfill image or flier (may be overwhelming if there are strong accents or overcrowded patterns)

  • Are colors considerate to colorblind people?

    • Create a palette here 

    • Use a page filter to see how certain colors look different to colorblind individuals here

    • Check your color contrast here

Lettering / Font Size
  • Have readable font sizes

    • Ranging from: 12 font, 20 font, 40 font

  • Write in plain English

  • Use simple and consistent layouts with bulleted lists

  • Use subtitles or transcripts for audio/visual content

  • Use effective images and diagrams with the text

  • Use any Sans Serif font:

    • Arial

    • Calibri

    • Times New Roman

  • Do not use cursive

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